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  • 99.5% of our students show visible improvement in their physical, emotional, and intellectual growth within just six months of being a part of our child development program
  • 98.7% of our parents report better behavior, increased focus, and stronger emotional regulation for their children
  • 95.3% of our students (adults and kids alike) enjoy improved flexibility, balance, and overall athleticism
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Peak is the only martial arts school to blend traditional martial arts training with modern research using positive reinforcement and individualized training methods.

If you want to improve your child’s on-task behavior and confidence, we can help.

We teach Soo Bahk Do, a Korean style of martial arts that focuses on values education.

Peak Martial Arts is an amazing place. Our son Connor has always been one of those kids that can’t keep focused in school and has to keep moving. We thought about the martial arts, but we didn’t want some random belt factory. But the experience at Peak has been incredible. It was like a switch was flipped, and we started seeing changes from the very beginning. It’s only gotten better since then, and now he’s doing great in school!”

Here what Peak Parents and Students Have to Say

I became a better parent and lost 35 pounds

My name is Carl B. I am 49 and a single parent to three wonderful children. I started coming to Peak shortly after our daughter attended their after-school program. Starting at Peak aligns with my sobriety date. I found new hope and direction through the training at Peak Martial Arts. I came from a divorced home where my mom allowed me to quit sports and any other activity I wanted to do but then didn’t like for whatever reason. This taught me that when the going gets tough, quit and walk away. The values and foundation at Peak, from the Student Creeds, 8 Key Concepts and 10 Articles of Faith of taught me the much-needed skills to not only better myself but be a better parent. Tatum and I started at Peak 2+ years ago, and it has been an awesome journey. I would also like to add that I’ve lost 35 lbs from training there and doing other forms of exercise. We are a family on a journey together. If you are ready to reach the Peak, please come join us.

Carl B

Peak Parent & Student

Our son got better grades, made friends, and changed his behavior

Peak has made a huge positive impact on our son. J started practicing martial arts when he was ten. We had recently moved to the area and he was very upset about moving. He was struggling with learning issues, difficulty focusing in school, attitude and behavior issues, anxiety, and difficulty making friends and relating to others. We were very concerned with supporting him in making progress in school and improving his attitude at home and at school. Master Mackes and Mister Mitchell both were instrumental in advising him through some difficult times and teaching him better ways to handle stress and improve his attitude. The tenants of courtesy, honesty, integrity, perseverance and more were instilled during classes, and we were able to continue to encourage those traits at home. Training in the martial arts has made a huge difference in him. He has learned goal setting, working through difficulties, focusing, and respecting others. He is now 16, working toward earning his second degree black belt. He is earning all A’s and B’s at school and has even earned straight A’s, 2 quarters this year. He has also made new friends that are now part of his Martial Arts Family. One of our favorite things about the program is that he has gained mentors and has become a mentor to others as a junior instructor. The support system that Peak has provided to our son has been priceless for our family and for J. We highly recommend Peak Martial Arts.

Rebecca R.

Peak Parent & Student

He learned how to achieve his goals

My son has been with Peak since kindergarten, and he’s pretty much grown up with them. Some of his proudest accomplishments are getting his black belt and later his second degree. It was such a great experience for him to see a challenging goal through — it really taught him that he can accomplish whatever he sets his mind to. And at Peak, they make it all fun, too. We love Peak.

Emily L.

Peak Parent

My son learned how to achieve his goals

Peak Martial Arts has been quite a journey for our family. We walked into the school check it out when my son Keenan was 4 years old, and eight years later, our son received his second degree black belt. He has persevered all these years and overcome many obstacles. One week before his second degree test he broke his arm. He was so disappointed that he cried. But, he came back and trained to prepare for the next exam six months later. He was sick the day before that testing, but he was determined to test and finally reach his goal. I was so proud of him. Peak and its instructors have taught Keenan perseverance and determination. Master Mackes and Mr. Mitchell have been a significant part of our life and contributed to Keenan’s upbringing. We couldn’t ask for better role models for our son.

Tom K.

Peak Parent

Our family got our Black Belts Together

Four years ago, my family (my husband, daughter and I) started our martial arts training with Master Mackes and Mr. Mitchell. We were so excited that we could train together as a family with a flexible weekly schedule that offers a variety of times, training opportunities and summer camp days. My family saw the benefits of our martial arts training right away. It is obvious that the physical fitness aspect is fun, improves endurance, and strengthens core muscles, but more importantly, the Peak Martial Arts instructors encourage mental confidence and focus on self-respect, self-discipline, and self-control. I feel that my daughter has a real grasp on what it means to persevere, challenge herself, and realize the importance of hard work and developing strong character traits. Also, knowing that she is acquiring practical self-defense skills is important to us as she grows and becomes more independent. After four years, we are still excited about our future with Peak Martial Arts.

Teresa D.

Peak Parent & Student

An Investment in the future of our daughter

Peak Martial Arts has been an investment in the future version of our daughter Gaby. While training with Master Mackes and Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell over the past 6 years, Gaby has forged personal lasting relationships. The instructors are remarkably poised and are fantastic role models. The focus on self control, courtesy, modesty, integrity and perseverance have been the building blocks of Gaby’s character. Peak has provided a safe, active and goal-oriented community that is accepting and challenging her to become a focused confident leader. We are beyond thrilled that we are part of the Peak family.

Becky D.

Peak Parent

We love Peak!

Our family has been involved in martial arts for four years since our daughter was in kindergarten. Peak Martial Arts is a family-oriented environment where our whole family can participate together. We love Peak Martial Arts!

Isabel B.

Peak Parent & Student

Why Peak Martial Arts

1. Meaningful Change

Want to get fit? Build self-confidence? Improve focus and behavior? The marital arts can do all that and more, but only with the right instruction and the right program. At Peak, we believe in real martial arts that lead to real results, with real fun.

2. Award Winning Martial Arts Instruction

 We know how to teach the martial arts, and we teach it well. Our martial arts program builds Black Belts from ages 3 and up, and our instructors have over 55 years of combined experience.

3. Proven Results

All of our students are winners, but some choose to go outside the studio to compete. Our results speak for themselves. In just the past two years, our students have won over 35 medals in national and regional tournaments

4. High Energy Fun

Getting a Black Belt isn’t supposed to be easy, but it is supposed to be fun. We get the best out of our students without losing the high energy fun factor.

5. Training for Everyone

Our lively classes give everyone a workout, and everyone at any age and fitness level can participate. 

6. Flexible and  Convenient

Do it on your own schedule. We offer multiple classes six days a week, so there’s always a class time that works for you.

7. Leadership Skills

As students grow in the martial arts, they become leaders in the school. Yesterday’s white belts can become tomorrow’s instructors. 

Recent Peak Tournament Winners



Soo Bahk Do Nationals – 13 Competitors

27 Gold Medals

7 Silver Medals

9 Bronze Medals

G.D 1st Place, CKA Regionals, Girls’ Sparring
T.I. 1st Place, CKA Regionals, Boys’ Form
D.M. 1st Place, CKA Regionals, Boys’ Sparring
K.M. 1st Place, CKA Regionals, Boys’ Form
B.C. 1st Place, CKA Regionals, Girls’ Form
T.M. 1st Place, AAU Nationals, Men’s Point Sparring        1st Place, US Hanmadang, Men’s Board Breaking      (2 divisions), 1st Place Men’s Form
B.C. 1st Place, US Hanmadang, Girls’ Board Breaking, 1st Place Girls’ Form
J.R. 2nd Place, CKA Regionals, Boys; Weapons Form, 2nd Place Creative Forms
J.M. 1st Place, US Hanmadang, Women’s Board Breaking, 1st Place Women’s Form

…and many more



If you’re thinking about martial arts and your child struggles to pay attention, here’s a free guide outlining some simple adjustments that you can make to increase your child’s focus and on-task behavior.

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